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In 2003, songwriter Bonnie W. Daniels decided to put pen to paper and write a heartfelt 'thank you' to our military men and women. Like many of us, Bonnie has been touched very deeply by the daily sacrifices of America's brave sons and daughters in uniform. She believes that, regardless of the politics of war, the world has forever changed and our courageous soldiers make the crucial difference in a worldwide battle for freedom. She also believes we must be supportive and grateful for their ceaseless efforts to protect us, and many others, at home and around the world. Bonnie is sure that these brave men and women would never consider themselves heroes... however... like generations of brave American Heroes before them... what they do everyday, under such perilous conditions, is in fact - heroic!

Songwriter donates 20,000 copies of song "American Hero" to our troops

Fresh from the recording studio, in December 2006, "American Hero" received overwhelming response. Almost everyone who heard the song commented something like "ALL OF OUR SOLDIERS NEED TO HEAR THIS SONG FOR THEMSELVES... what an encouragement it will be for them!". We agree! As a matter of fact, Ida Hagg, Director of Texas-based AdoptaPlatoon, AAP, a volunteer organization that sends much needed care-packages to our soldiers, states "we will gladly accept the "American Hero" CDs - we serve over 150,000 troops and we will accept as many CDs as you can send us!".

Bonnie and her husband decided that they wanted to donate 20,000 copies of "American Hero" to our troops - as a gesture of appreciation and encouragement. Upon discussing their plans with friends, they immediately wanted to join in the effort. Within weeks 20,000 copies of "American Hero" were replicated and shipped. The CDs were distributed to our troops through AdoptaPlatoon - a Texas-based non-profit organization that prepares and ships care-packages to our troops.

An Ocala, Florida, radio station, WTRS-FM, recorded and donated a special introductory message of support which is included with the song on this special CD to our troops. While it is disheartening to know our men and women often hear uncaring and negative comments about their efforts and sacrifice, Bonnie wants them to know how much we love, appreciate and support them. She has received notes of appreciation from troops telling how much her song means to them.

In response to many requests to purchase a copy of "American Hero, and many of her other songs, Bonnie released a 12-song CD titled "No Fear" in 2007. The CD features "American Hero". All the songs on the CD have been recorded and produced in Miami, Nashville, or Ocala and feature a variety of dynamic and talented studio artists. The album contains "American Hero", ten Gospel/Christian songs of faith and courage, and a second patriotic song - all written by Bonnie W. Daniels.

Bonnie has released her second CD "The Dusty Trail Called Life". This latest CD contains 12 brand new Country songs plus "American Hero."

The "No Fear" CD has been released and is shipping now and can be purchased right here on this website.

"The Dusty Trail Called Life" CD has been released, is shipping, and can be purchased right here on this website.

Purchase - "No Fear" CD
12 songs of faith and courage
featuring "American Hero"
$10.00 plus $2.99 shipping and handling


Purchase - "The Dusty Trail Called Life" CD
featuring 12 new Country and Patriotic songs
plus "American Hero"
$10.00 plus $2.99 shipping and handling



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